Is it safe to buy online?


We use WordPress for our site. WordPress is used in 75 % of all websites. We update our site regularly and all payments are done by the verified official electronic banking service providers. We do not have any “in house” software but rely on the official financial service providers.  Card transactions are as safe to use as you would in a normal store.




We use The Courier Guy to conduct our deliveries. We deliver nation-wide to all major centers and door to door delivery.

All orders are processed only when payment/ proof of payment is received.

In Gauteng: Please allow 2-3 working days from order payment and processing to delivery date.

Other cities: Please allow 3-4 working days from order payment and processing to delivery date.


Please note sometimes the courier slips up but it is out of our control and we cannot take responsibility, however you will have our continued and full support to ensure order fulfilment.




We do not offer refunds on new products and specially ordered products, so be sure what you buy! We do offer a cash back refund on refurbished items. However our policy is Repair, Replace or Refund. Should the item be defective, we will first repair before replacing, if you are not completely happy we will then refund. If the items were correctly supplied you will be responsible for the transport cost. If you were not happy with the quality of the item or the item was defective we will carry the cost. You will have to pay for the initial shipping back to us.




There is no warranty on software. We offer a 6 month warranty on all our refurbished products. We will swap out or replace.  A 12 & 24 month extended warranty is also available on refurbished computers. New products have a 12 month warranty. This is a suppliers warranty and sometimes we have to send it back to our supplier. We will carry the cost on the warranty  transport.


Is refurbished computers a good buy?


Most users can save a lot by buying refurbished equipment.  A generation 2 i5 laptop with 8 gig ram will outperform an new g7 laptop with 4 gig.  Most of our refurbished items come form the corporate environment where the best possible equipment is bought, so the items are high end machines.  We take great care in refurbishing our computers and we ensure the best possible configurations are sold.


Is my information safe?


Tshwane Electronic Waste Company t/a Intelligent Computing guarantees that we will not divulge any personal information from our users/customers.


Should I keep the original packaging?


On new items yes.  On refurbished items you can discard the packaging.  If the need arises to send it back just take care.


Legal software?


Intelligent Computing only distributes legal software and do not copy or crack software.


What if I format my PC?


We offer no warranty on software.  If you put another operating system on your PC it will not affect your warranty.  If you require support with drivers etc see our downloads page.


Older versions of Windows?


For normal use we recommend Windows 7 and above.  Windows XP and Vista still works but only for people having a specific task on the machine.  It is not recommended for general use.


Microsoft Office?


If you do not like Openoffice, a free just as functional alternative to Microsoft Office, there is no choice but to buy Microsoft Office.  An older version of MS Office normally can do the work just as well with all the format converters free on MS website.

Antivirus and Anti spyware?

We send our machines with Microsoft Security Essentials and a free version of Malwarebytes.  We insall Avast free anivirus on our smaller machines.  Anti virus software and windows  MUST be updated regularly if you do not update your software the risk of viruses will increase.