If you have upgraded your hardware or reformatted, the best place to start is your hardware manufacturer’s website, but sometimes it does not work or you do not have the Wifi or LAN driver and then you are stuck and need to contact us on Facebook.  Below is the links to the websites of products we have on sale:

If you have a Mecer, Proline or other system we will need to know the specific motherboard inside the machine to get the correct driver. Below is a handy tool which loads all the drivers automatically. Tick “disable the program” as the programs it install is in Russian or you can uninstall them from your control panel.

Download the “without internet” version and cut it to DVD/USB.


If you want to write your O/S and boot to a USB-drive, I recommend:

Below is the CD which helps you do everything the pro’s do. Packed with cloning, password, data recovery and special features:


To clone your DSTV hardrive, or clone any hard drive:


FTP software to upload your website:


OpenOffice has all the functionality of Microsoft Office but is free.  It works well but I’d rather pay Bill Gates his due:

Quality free anti virus and malware protection: