About Our Onsite Support

As of 1 February 2018, Intelligent Computing will be offering onsite support, this service is only available in the greater Tshwane Metro area.

We have made our quality technical skill available to you at your business offices, factory and home.

We offer a simple call-out service and comprehensive monthly packages, of which a 12 month Next Business Day onsite support programme is available too.


Call-out Onsite:

We can send a technician out to your site to solve your IT problems. Our technicians are well experienced, and understand the corporate office environment.

We charge R550 for a call-out and the first 60 minutes are free, thereafter R450 per hour on the job is billed.

We offer a solution driven approach, which also evaluates future risks and will replace hardware components which are likely to fail, reformatting and reloading of software, thus minimising call-outs.

We only deal in legal software, and will NOT crack software, minimising financial loss and legal risk.

We offer:

  • PC & laptop repairs.
  • Printer repair and support.
  • Internet & e-mail solutions.
  • Support on Xstra Soft software.
  • Loan units from our rental shop.
  • Legal software purchases on call.
  • Data migration & Website migrations.
  • Data recovery & Hard drive, motherboard repairs.

Onsite Support

Collect and Repair Service:

Our collect and repair service is available in the greater Gauteng Metro area.

We come to you and collect the equipment, repair at our workshop and return it back to you. We have three (3) full-time drivers and also make use of our trusted contractors to collect and deliver the equipment we have to fix, which are not urgent items. Our turnaround time for such jobs is 3-5 working days to complete.

We offer:

  • Laptop motherboard / etc repairs.
  • LCD monitor repairs.
  • Power supply – electronic repairs.
  • Printer repairs
  • Data recovery & mass copying.
  • Loan units from our rental shop.


Onsite Support